Mark Maxwell volunteered to draw a rendition of a space tanker that would carry water as its payload.

starting with one of the drawings that showed how it worked,

and with the technical paper illustration,
(click for 33 kb photo   and 275 kbyte photo)
and an illustration of the NERVA rocket, of the kind that actually worked during the late 1960's,

he got
click for 11 kbyte or 131 kbyte version

Mark Maxwell
Mark Maxwells clients include:
Scientific American
Astronomy Magazine
Cambridge University Press
Popular Mechanics Magazine
TSR Hobbies
Entropy Engineering
Cinetel Productions
National Air and Space Museum
Essex Corp. Space and Defense Division
TOR Books
Dell Books
Grolier Inc.
ACME Television
Wizards of the Coast
MBI/Easton Press
Space Studies Institute
OMNI Magazine
Paper Tiger Press
Amazing Stories Magazine
National Space Society
Business Week Magazine
Orbital Transport Services
Final Frontier Magazine
Teledyne Brown
Science Fiction Age Magazine
Carnegie Mellon Field Robotics Institute
The Learning Company