Maps of neospace
near-earth-object space of the Solar System
The accessible vicinity of Earth, as we knew it on during 1996 - 1997.

These maps were first
generated by Dr. Mark Sykes, augmented by Dr. Anthony Zuppero and Thomas K Larson (INL), and data provided by Prof. Pat Whitman (RIP) and Prof. John Matese, starting approximately 1996
"near-Earth" comets and asteroids
nearly half of what you see are water objects of some kind
  • Jupiter family comets ("near-earth comets") as blue-ice diamonds, with orbit dots and names, and
  • near earth asteroids as red-dirt diamonds, without orbits or names
  • printable on 8.5 x 11 paper
  • link is full size   

"near earth" asteroids and comets with dotted orbits
nearly half of what you see are water objects in some form
  • Jupiter family comets ("near earth comets") with comet names, black dotted orbits,
  • black-to-white diamonds represent dark hydrocarbons, dirt and ice and ,
  • near earth asteroids as red-dirt diamond dots and orange dotted orbits
  • link is hi resolution 3.7 megabytes
  • printable on 8.5 x 11 inch paper

blue comet map of solar system
cropped, click for hi res picture

blue comets and read nea map of solar system
uncropped, better color
click for hi res

high contrast black comets, dark red near earth objects
high resolution color
click for hires

hi resolution fire nea's and black comets
comets = black, near earth asteroids = fire red,
formatted for a page
click for first hi res pic
click here for another,370 kbyte version without page cropping

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